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After experiencing anxiety attacks many of our patients say they feel lost, desperate and alone. The physical symptoms of a racing heart, sweaty hands and a sickness in the stomach, together with the psychological symptoms of paranoia and a feeling of surreality make for an incredibly unpleasant experience.
Other patients talk of anxiety pervading their lives, needing to avoid more and more difficult situations, leading to a progressively more limited lifestyle. Which then leads to problems with work and relationships which only exacerbates the problem.
Unfortunately, consciously trying to control anxiety is extremely difficult and often ends up simply making the situation worse. The reason is because what we focus on we tend to amplify, so trying to think our way out of anxiety can lead to us creating even more anxiety provoking thoughts, which only serve to increase the symptoms.
Help is at hand though. At The Curative Hypnotherapy Clinic, we use a combination of curative hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to help you overcome anxiety quickly and easily, leaving you physically and mentally more relaxed, altogether more confident and most importantly, free of those old anxious feelings.
Research into the use of hypnotherapy to treat anxiety:
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Patient Testimonials
"I came to David because I had suffered from severe panic attacks for a long time. I had tried traditional hypnotherapy, but it did not work too well for me. David uses other types of hypnosis. I now feel much happier and more confident." Mr H, Birmingham.
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help. You have really helped me and I feel my life has changed for the better in so many ways now. People have said I seem so much more relaxed and happy than before I came to see you, and I think that's definitely true so just thanks once again for everything." Mrs R, Birmingham.
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Latest Research

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