Fears and Phobias

Phobia means fear. Most of us fear some things, events, or certain situations, but a phobia is an irrational and persistent fear, possibly to the extent that it affects your day to day life. You may experience symptoms similar to those of panic and anxiety.

Often phobias are developed after a traumatic event or after a series of traumatic events. You may not remember what this event was, and you may have been young at the time. Whatever happened may well have been quite harmless, but the memories and associations have been locked away in your subconscious and now you have a phobia. Curative hypnotherapy can help to deal with this problem.

At the clinic we use curative hypnotherapy to allow the patient to go back to this initial event and view the event with adult eyes. This then leads to a ‘eureka’ moment and the cause of the problem is realised. This realisation then leads to a change in conception of that event and how that event affected future life leading to the phobia. The change in conception will then lead to a complete resolution of symptoms i.e. removal of the phobia.

Over the years we have successfully treated a huge variety of phobias including fears of spiders, lifts, needles, dentists, cats to name just few, always leaving our clients completely relaxed and confident in those specific situations where they used to develop the phobia.

Patient Testimonials

“The sessions were fascinating and amazing, no more problems with lifts for me! Mr C, Droitwich.”

“The best money I have ever spent, how can you put a price on being able to drive again?” Mrs S, Worcester.

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