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Sexual Problems
If we are truthful then most of us have suffered from sexual problems at some stage in our lives. These problems can be caused by a wide range of factors which may include negative associations of sex when young, religious influences, medical reasons, feelings of guilt, rape, child abuse and many other considerations.
Common problems for women that we see at the clinic include finding sex unpleasant, lack of sexual desire, inability to achieve orgasm, excessive sexual desire or feelings of guilt about having sex.
Common problems for men that we see at the clinic include inability to achieve or maintain an erection, lack of sexual desire, excessive sexual desire and premature ejaculation.
Other problems that affect both men and women include obsessions to pain or piercing, dangerous sexual acts or self harming.
Some of these conditions can have a medical cause and so it is important that this is addressed first. Causes often found include infections or disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or reactions to medication.
If you feel the cause may be medical then you should seek the advice of your GP or clinic. If medical origins have been excluded it is probable that the cause is psychological and hypnotherapy will help. First we will find the cause of the problem with curative hypnotherapy and then by correcting the cause the resulting symptoms will subside ‘…and you will no longer suffer your problem’.
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