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Appointments and Fees
We work with each patient as an individual so the number of appointments will vary from patient to patient. On average, we require, five sessions to locate and correct the cause of the problem and so lead to a permanent cure. Our aim is to treat our patients as quickly as possible. Your initial therapy session will last just over an hour and any subsequent sessions normally last around one hour.
The Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Program - Two sessions at the normal sessional rate.
Please also be reassured appointments with the Curative Hypnotherapy Clinic are fully confidential.
Consultation fees for our therapists are listed below, a returnable deposit of £40 is required to confirm your appointment (terms).

David Grinnell and Deborah Mills (Clinic Directors) - £100 for session one and £70 for any subsequent sessions. 2% charge for card payments.

Jane Thomson (Associate Hypnotherapist) - £50 for payment via cash or cheque and £52 for card payment.

Mark Swinford (Associate Hypnotherapist) - £50 for payment via cash or cheque and £52 for card payment.

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ME treatment & recovery


 Anxiety and panic attacks*

 Weight loss*

 Stop smoking*

 Fears and phobias

 Stress management*

 Sports performance


 IBS treatment*

 Low confidence

 Anger management






 Sexual problems





 Other condtions treated


Latest Research

Complementary therapies for reducing body weight: a systematic review.


Systematic review: the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in the management of irritable bowel syndrome.


Hypnotherapy and biofeedback therapy for atopic eczema.


Hypnotherapy for nocturnal enuresis.


Psychological interventions for overweight or obesity.


Hypnotherapy for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.


A systematic review to examine the impact of psycho-educational interventions on health outcomes and costs in adults and children with difficult asthma.


Source:  NHS

Deposit/Session Payment for Deborah
Deposit/Session Payment